Dickinson County Animal Clinic offers 2 isoflurane gas anesthesia machines. Two surgical monitors are available, with one being stationary and the other portable.  A surgical CO2 laser is available and is utilized for certain procedures or as an option for elective surgeries.  A heated mat used during surgery and a post operative heating system is also used to help regulate an anesthetized patient’s body temperature.  


Dickinson County Animal Clinic offers digital radiographs and dental radiographs.  The digital x-ray provides clear images in seconds that can be e-mailed or saved to CD if needed.   The dental x-rays give us a more complete look at an animal’s teeth below the gumline and help us evaluate treatment.

In House BloodWork

Dickinson County Animal Clinic offers in house blood chemistry analyzer and a hematology analyzer. The VetScan2 VS provides information regarding complete blood panels, pre surgical blood profiles and specialized panels that provide more in depth information related the kidney, liver and thyroid function.  Results are available in as little as 10 minutes. The Abaxis HM5 provides a 5-part CBC (complete blood county) differential with 22-parameters in less than 4 minutes.


Don’t skip the chip! Dickinson County Animal Clinic offers the HomeAgain microchip - a safe and permanent way to identify your pet.   The microchip can be administered during surgical procedures or routine visits.


Pets need oral care just like their owners.  Dickinson County Animal Clinic is able to scale and polish teeth as well as remove problematic teeth. Dental x-rays are available to further evaluate teeth under the gums.