News and Notes

Recently the clinic purchased a new digital x-ray machine. Going digital means that instead of the image being captured on film and then processed, the image is picked up by a detector. Image quality is much better and we can view the image in as little as four seconds.

Once we have captured the image there are many things that we can do with that image! The image can be lightened or darkened, areas can be magnified and zoomed in on for a better diagnosis for our patients. Measurements can be taken of the image, lines can be drawn from one point to another point and notations can be made on the image.

No longer do we have to send the actual x-ray to another veterinarian. We are able to send the image, complete with our manipulation software to another veterinarian anywhere in the world with just a few keystrokes. We now have the ability to consult with a veterinary radiologist, an orthopedic surgeon or oncologist within minutes of taking the x-ray. Prior to this, it would often take days to hear from the specialists. We can now send images to veterinarians who refer clients to us or a client’s regular veterinarian if they are away from home and need our services. Jpeg images can be either mailed or copied to a CD and sent home with the client so that everyone in the family can view the image.

Lakes Regional Healthcare went to digital x-rays only a few years ago and we think that having the only veterinary practice in the area with a digital x-ray machine is something to be proud of and shows our clients that we are trying to stay current. This new piece of advanced technology will help us to practice better medicine and we are very excited about using it now and into the future.

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