Keeping Up with the Times!

So what equipment does Dickinson County Animal Clinic PC have?

Our most recent purchase has been an updated surgical laser.  Eight years ago we were the first clinic in the area to have a surgical laser!  After eight years of use, we upgraded our surgical laser that has more features and twice the power.  Did you know that laser surgery cuts with less bleeding and less post operative pain.  Small growths on your pets can literally be vaporized.  With some surgeries, such as nose and throat surgeries, using the laser is much more precise and easier.

Another piece of equipment that the clinic is proud to have is our digital x-ray unit.  Image quality is great!  We actually went to digital x-rays before our local hospital.  Going digital means that the image can be seen in a matter of seconds rather than several minutes of processing film.  This allows us to reposition the patient or change the settings and immediately retake an image.  Digital images can be enlarged and enhanced to make them easier to see.  Images can be saved to CD’s so the client can view them at home and show the rest of their family should they choose.  Digital images are easily sent by e-mail also.  If the images are sent to a specialist, we often hear back from them within a couple of hours.

Over the last two years we have also upgraded our blood-work machines.  Quick results are important in diagnosing many illnesses.  A binocular magnifier was added last summer to aid in fine surgical procedures such as in the eye area.

The medial technology is constantly changing and here at the clinic we do our very best to stay current so that we can provide our patients with the best care possible.  We feel that we are among the best in the area!