Summer time problems for pets.

Do you like to take your pet with you on those weekly or daily errands?  We all know not to leave your pet in your car, but this is a serious issue that needs repeating.  Even with windows open slightly a vehicle can become a death trap within a few short minutes.  So many times we are thinking, I will only be a minute but then you run into someone and spend some time talking, not realizing how much time has actually gone by before the conversation ends.  Even when you park in the shade, please remember that as the sun moves, so too does the shade!

Around the lakes area a common summer emergency is the fishhook that gets caught usually in the foot or the mouth.  Dogs will be attracted to and eat many baits/lures.  Cats will try to play with lures or flies and get caught.  A fish hook in the paw or mouth will often mean an emergency visit to the veterinarian and require sedation to remove the hook.  A swallowed bait with a fishhook requires abdominal surgery.  Please be careful with your fishing gear!

One of the most common summertime problems is Gastric Indiscretion – that’s medical talk for eating foods that our pets should not be eating.  With all the picnics and parties, we see lots of cases of dogs with vomiting and diarrhea due to  eating foods they are not used to eating.  Sometimes the dogs will help themselves if left unattended and other times they are fed by well meaning people.  Also with warmer temperatures food goes bad very quickly and we see lots of cases of food poisoning from bacteria over growth in the food.  Often people forget to take into account the size of the dog when giving it “treats”.  Feeding a 20 pound dog a brat is like me eating 10 brats – there will be some unpleasant consequences!

These are just a few of the issues that can arise during the hot summer months.  We hope that everyone – residents and visitors alike have a great summer with their pets.